Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Lust Factor

Lets face it; there are clothes that we can buy, and then there are clothes that we can only afford to look at and drool. Sort of like how I feel about the drummer from Two Gallants. That being said I give you Thurley, a high-end niche brand from Australia that is developing a cult following in America with all the artfully disheveled trust fund babies.

I don't know what it is about Australian designers, but they seem to be able to pull off a slightly vintage, more romantic look without seeming the lest bit contrived or desperate. Instead it comes off as a simple, practical desire to look pretty, and feel good about oneself. I have had a soft spot for Aussie style ever since discovering the wonders of Vogue Austrailas Entertaining and Travel magazine. It's my favorite thing Vogue does, and it never fails to inspire me.
So even if you can't aford it, check them out and be inspired for your own take on a romantic look for Spring!


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