Friday, June 6, 2008

Beauty in her Veins

I love stumbling across a new artist that I can appreciate. Kris Chau, formerly of the lovely state of Hawaii, and now dwelling in Philadelphia, is the sort of illustrator that a girl of my generation can look at and understand instantly. Not that her work is simple, but it's immensely visually appealing on a very basic level the moment you see it. There are so many fantasy based illustrators these days that the concept has become a little bland for me (yes, it's both a horse and a man wearing a clown costume, i get it...) but something about the fresh images of these girls makes me appreciate the idea again.

As I was looking at her work I also couldn't help but think, this girl should get in to fashion! And come to find out, she is in fact working for Free People as a knitwear designer. Fabulous!
Here is a little snippet of what she has to say:

"...I don’t really make a lot of money, and part of that is to make me work harder at home so one day I won’t need these stupid jobs and I'll be able to somehow make art all encompassing. The picture of the little girl that you like – I have a print of her in my office with a bubble that says, “Get off your ass you lazy ho or keep your day job!” Every hour that you want to go out drinking with your friends or spend money on that shirt. I look at that picture and think I have to make that choice for art."

That quote is from a nice interview with her in dorkmag...

I'm vastly pleased to have made this little discovery today, and I hope to be able to see some of her lovely work in person sometime! (come to Seattle sometime, Miss Chau, if you are reading this!)



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