Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Great Shoe Dilema

This is the post in which I unburden my heart to you, dear readers. This is a tale, both tragic and triumphant, which you will either relate to, or will make you shun this blog for all time.
The subject? Shoes. And the ultimate skeleton in my closet? I don't wear heels. Ever.

The other night a very nice girl loaned me a pair of Jimmy Choos for an event. The shoes were adorable, peep-toed and flattering, and hell they were the first Jimmy Choo's I'd ever worn! I slipped them on and thought... now you've arrived girl, this is fashion. And for about ten minutes I was pleased with them, although in the back of my mind I was thinking... ohmygod I'm as tall as the models in these! I look like I'm playing dress-up! Who let me out of the house in these?! I'm not qualified!!!

Meanwhile, we arrive at the fashion show and my friend is skating about with ease in her heels while I am concentrating on not looking like some weird vintage inspired alien being who has just discovered the use of her legs. The show wraps and we wander for a bit, and I'm slowing down as the ache in my feet becomes more intense. Finally we make it to the curb to wait for our car, but a snag!! We have no cash for the valet!! We have to find an ATM, at midnight, in downtown Los Angeles. I ended up prancing about the city streets barefoot, Choo's in hand, defying anyone to say anything to me.

All of this has led me to declare once for all that I do not wear traditional high heels. I don't see it as giving up so much as making a statement of what has always been true for me. I'm not a traditional fashion girl, and since I'm perfectly comfortable with my height I see no need to parade myself about in heels more than 2 inches high. I thought I was doing really well when I purchased these blue Miz Mooz granny heels!
These are no Jimmy Choo's, but these may be about as high as I go.

So I raise my glass to you Mary-Kate and VB, you girls rock those stilettos! Meanwhile I'm happy to rule them out for myself, and be comfortable and mobile in shoes that appeal to me. I know that fashion isn't really about honesty, but maybe it can be.


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