Saturday, August 15, 2009

Hot Acid

Acid wash jeans spotted in the fall '08 collection @ Topshop

So I originally balked at the sight of the acid wash jeans that came out last summer. They just look so... so 80's. And I still haven't gone out and purchased a pair for myself (nor am I likely to) but I have been able to reconcile myself to them and concede that they can look nice on women over the age of 16. Like almost anything else they can be made elegant and age appro with a good jacket and grown up accessories. In fact I think they will look a lot better this fall then they did this summer.

Acid wash at Balmain, Spring 2009

Elegant acid wash, street style.

So don't take that pair you bought at Urban Outfitters down to Buffalo Exchange just yet, there's still hope for them this coming season!


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