Monday, October 13, 2008

forget variety!

While I usually profess a love for variety, I think I could probably live on the bean&cheese Torta from Tortas de Mexico for the rest of my life. Or at least the rest of my life in L.A. In fact, when i raise this sandwich to my lips I no longer pity vegetarians! In fact I raise my glass to them! This restaurant in Pasadena is not actually a vegetarian restaurant, but the three best things on the menu most certainly are. In addition to the bean and cheese torta that I get, Kelly has developed an almost unnatural love for the chile relleno torta (pictured above in all it's glory) and when I do need a little variety I get the cheese and chile filled tamales. So if you find yourself hungry from all that shopping on Colorado Blvd. try to avoid the queue at The Cheesecake Factory and head down the street to Tortas de Mexico.

Tortas de Mexico
on the corner of Holly and Fair Oaks in Pasadena


Lydia said...

mmm me love tortas. I want to try this restaurant!

immortal barbarian killed by vultures said...

ahhhhhhhhh,,,,, chile relleno torta

Damnit! I'm hungry already!