Thursday, October 30, 2008

Terrific Traipsing Boots!

This time of year makes me want to go traipsing through the woods. Take the road less traveled if you will, maybe read a little Robert Frost on a convenient log. And to do this you really do need the perfect boots. Mine are a pair of brown leather, Oxford style ankle boots from J.Crew that I've had since high school. They are sturdy and worn and have the perfect forest green laces. However, if for some reason those boots were stolen, and the thief left 500 bucks in their place, I would go out and purchase the above pictured boots by Devotte. As far as I am concerned the mourning process for my much loved high school boots would be short lived if I could replace them with these babies! The perfect boots for women should ideally fall somewhere between Anne of Green Gables and Annie Oakley, and I think this pair does exactly that. *sigh* I suppose I shouldn't moon over these boots for too long, my actual boots might get jealous, and I wouldn't want to trip on that walk in the woods.


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