Thursday, February 12, 2009

Classical Crush

So I've always had a huge crush on the Romantic composer Franz Liszt. And by always I mean since I was like 5 and had already been playing the piano for two years and saw this picture of him in a book. I've always had a thing for noses.

So last night Kelly and I watched the 1991 movie Impromptu staring Hugh Grant as Chopin and Julian Sands as Liszt, and my only real thought is how have I not seen this before?!?! Gorgeous Victorian costume, gorgeous music and gorgeous men (and women, god bless you Bernadette Peters, I have a crush on you too.)

So if anyone knows some rich patrons for us to stay with I say we go camp out at a country villa and picnic and play music and write and make fun of everyone we don't like.



Lauren K said...

I've always had a crush on Upton Sinclair and people I tell always think it's so weird. Ha Ha!

marionpauline said...

Oh man, Upton Sinclair is a fantastic crush to have!