Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Intviting Invitations

So I'll confess right now... I'm really into this whole wedding thing. Hopefully my blog wont be over-run with wedding stuff, but I'm not making any promises. Right now my mind is on invitations, and all of these have provided wonderful inspiration.

This is from HelloLucky and is called The Sophisticate. Very. I love the border and muted colors!

I love the wording of this RSVP card, and the little birds are adorable. Also from HelloLucky.

The floral pattern on this one is perfect. Interestingly this is the "Seattle" style at KenzieKate.

Kelly found this one, and I agree, the twine binding is inspired. Also at KenzieKate.

But so far my favorites are these from Milkfed Press...

The deckled-edge on this last one is a must. And since I have the feeling that we are actually going to be doing the invitations on my Dad's press we can tear a nice edge on all the invites ourselves.



joykos said...

oooo!!!! LOVE THESE! I am getting all giggly.

marionpauline said...

:D yay! I'm glad you approve!