Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Well, I've given in. In a moment where I desperately needed distraction from reality (even if that reality is fashion design) I checked out Gossip Girl from the library. I'm now on disc 2 a week later and I'm addicted. Gossip Girl has not yet spawned the crack-fiend like addiction that Sex&theCity did when I finally got around to watching that, but it's running a close second.

With that in mind I was delighted to see Taylor Momsen, the sugary sweet little sister on Gossip Girl, featured on Garance Dore's blog today looking like a little bitty Courtney Love.

Clearly she is trying to steer away from her Upper East Side prep school look that she sports on screen. But if you are trying to steer towards it but just don't have the cash, consider one of these "It Bag" totes from Nosideup on PapernStitch.

Let's keep it at least slightly real ;)


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