Monday, August 13, 2007

Back to (Style) School

While I adore reading about fashion, my actual exposure to the fashion world has admittedly been somewhat limited. And as such I have only ever read the names of my favorite houses and designers and very rarely hear them spoken aloud, thus leaving me to patch together my own muttered pronunciation of names such as Olivier Theyskens (pronounced Ty-skins) and Givenchy. The editors at Vogue, in all their knowledge, must have tuned in to this problem and have politely offered a solution. They will simply talk about the designers in a forum which everyone has access to, thus clearing up any confusion. While teaching the masses correct pronunciation may not have been the goal of these little spoken editorials, that is certainly my reason for listening in. As many times as it takes! If you find yourself in a similar situation you can tune in to the little minute and a half long editorials talking about trends for Fall on



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