Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Sienna Miller must have the best publicist in the world. I mean it really takes talent and dedication to make such a shiny, Toon Town mountain out of the mole hill that is Sienna Millers talent and good looks. There simply isn't anything there. In fact the British actress/whatever has managed to be on the cover of American Vogue not once, but three times now! And for what?! In fact her first Vogue cover was so horrifying that I actually got into a discussion with three perfect strangers at the news stand about how awful it was.

And to cap it off she's now launching a fashion line with her designer sister Savannah. That's right! Another celebrity brand hits the racks! Aren't you thrilled? Not to mention ready to pony up the $500 bucks it'll cost you to purchase one of the silky little printed dresses in their fall line. Interestingly, the clothes totally remind me of her... over hyped, over priced, and quite frankly, pretty boring. ("Where have I seen that dress before?")
If you're determined to buy high priced celebrity designs I recommend looking to another pair of platinum haired sisters. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's line The Row contains all the sleek style, and mature fashion insight that is lacking in Sienna and Savannah Miller's Twenty8Twelve

(image from The Row)

Given those choices I'll take my Miller chilled and in a tall can please.



Kevin said...

the only reason i read your blog is cause you write it and you're a friend, cause otherwise i have no idea what you are talking about most of the time.
however, this was awesome: "Given those choices I'll take my Miller chilled and in a tall can please."


jenn said...

i have to say that, although i have that issue of vogue and was mortified when i first saw it, i just now realized those are her arms around her head. this entire time i thought she was simply enveloped in chartreuse ugly to emphasize the horror that was that vogue cover.