Tuesday, August 7, 2007

This One's for You Dad...

So, my father has a bit of a problem... he saves absolutely everything. Like when we first got a VCR he suddenly got this mania for recording everything on TV. We still have all the tapes. But don't get me wrong, my Dad didn't spend my childhood sitting in front of the tube, he also ran marathons (a concept that's totally lost on his progeny), and in honor of his feats of athletic ability he saved every damn pair of Nikes he ever ran a race in. We still have all the shoes.
Well, Nike sympathizes with this urge to preserve the past, and in that spirit is re-releasing some of the classic styles from the 70's in vintage colors and that slightly worn-in patina that we've come to be so fond of. So get some shoes, run a marathon, and save them for all time.


Avaliable online at sneakerstuff.com. And view the concept online at nikevintage.com.