Tuesday, July 29, 2008

trust me, this is going to be good

So with my limited budget for shopping at the moment I can't get a bunch of new stuff for fall. Which is a shame really since the fall clothes are my favorite all year. (blazers! sweaters! colorful stockings!) But it came to me that what my wardrobe needs for fall is just one thing. Corduroy. I know what you must be thinking... and you're right, no one is really talking about corduroys glorious return. Which is in part what is fascinating for me. Also, the type of corduroy I want is exactly what you envision when you think of that fabric; large, cumbersome, wide wale, brown, tapered corduroy pants. Preferably a size too wide and a size too short. Muwahahah!!! I'm starting the hunt on Saturday. (if anyone wants to troll the thrift stores with me you are more than welcome!) And I'll post the results here on the blog.

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