Monday, January 19, 2009

Bright Blue Monday

Today is so-called "Blue Monday", but I must say that I'm feeling quite happy and optimistic. Maybe because it's also MLK day, and I can't help shed an inspired tear or two (or twenty) when I hear the I Have a Dream sermon. And not only am I listening to the heart wrenching words of Dr. King, but I'm doing so while planning a little inaugural breakfast to celebrate the swearing in of our first black president. What a truly amazing day.

If I was able to be at the inauguration I would want to be kicking up my heels in these...
Perfect blue suede party heels from Coclico.

And on a much lighter, but also wonderful note the much loved Polaroid film will continue to be produced!! Perfect timing as I just ran out! Thanks for the heads up Alyson!

Have a wonderful, bright blue Monday!

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