Monday, January 12, 2009

It's a Process

I'm still new to this idea of being a disciplined artist. In the past I drew when I felt like it, which was usually totally random at about 9 pm, and then I would work feverishly until I was either done or asleep in my chair. Now that I have to draw basically every day to complete assignments I am amused by how hard it is to simply get started. In typical fashion this is what happened the other day...
1. Get out of bed to draw.
2. Spend 15 minutes cleaning and rearranging work area.
3. Set-up drawing board and then promptly set it down again to get coffee.
4. Suddenly remember that there are art supplies from an old project that would help with this one... but where to find them?!
5. Spend 40 minutes looking though boxes of art supplies. Find some interesting stuff, none of it what I was looking for.
6. Realize location of supplies! (Not in boxes at all)
7. Settle down to work...
8. Get up to put on music.
9. Settle down to work...
10. Must sharpen pencils.
11. Enjoy look of pencil shavings, spend 15 minutes taking and uploading digital pictures of them.
12. Get up to dispose of pencil shavings.
13. Settle down to work...
14. Get up to use the bathroom (see step 3)
15. Finally sit down and begin to draw.

It was totally embarrassing and eye opening for me to realize that the cause of my not having enough time in the day to draw is due in large part to my amazing skill at distracting myself. I can't even blame Kelly, because he spent all of Saturday sequestered in the bedroom reading Hemingway! Ah well, live and learn, and hopefully improve.


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DESIGN DIG said...

PRISMA MARKERSSS!!! those markers are a dream!