Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Green Fairy

photo by Zena Holloway on foto-decadent

Between my obsession with the early 20th Century Avant-garde and Kelly's obsession with pre-prohibition cocktails, we were bound to get into absinthe at some point. And that moment is now.

I have always admitted to being a sucker for good advertising, and the wonderful Art Nouveau images from early absinthe advertisements have always charmed me. I know it's a bit hackneyed these days, but I'm honestly just a huge fan of this whole aesthetic, and I'll admit that when it comes to the lure of absinthe I've bought the hype hook, line and sinker.
At the moment we are drinking Kubler absinthe which tastes absolutely delicious, but to my initial disappointment is actually a blanc. The liquid is clear, and when mixed with ice water turns a dreamy quartzy pinkish white. A blow to my romantic image at first but after a few sips I was enjoying both the color and the flavor.
photo by stuart mullenberg for imbibe magazine
Another lure of absinthe is of course the ceremony and all the delightful accessories. I was fortunate enough to inherit glasses like the ones pictured here, and this has been the perfect excuse to use them. We don't have the fountain yet, but we're saving up! I just love this one.
And of course looking at all these yummy photos just makes me want to dress all in green forever. And I'd start with these shoes by Everybody.

And while I'm at it I'm really interested to try Parfumerie Generale's number 23 Drama Nuuï.
It is described as a "bitter jasminade" and promises a note of absinthe which is meant to lend a dry and tart, almost bitter quality to the Jasmine. Usually I steer clear of Jasmin heavy scents as they tend to be too honey sweet for me, but this sounds just right.


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